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August 29th: Starting signal for the ambitious road-trip of two adventurers riding Peugeot Scooters’s Django.

2016, August 29th, Paris – A great adventure is starting today for Samuel Felice and Ambroise Prince. Together, they launch the crazy challenge to reproduce the amazing saga of Serge Gracium and Michel Vaslin: two Petty Officers 3rd class of the French Navy in naval aviation, having traveled Saigon-Paris 60 years ago with their Peugeot Scooters S57. Thus was born the idea of reproduce the raid in the opposite direction, in the same conditions, except that we are in 2016. It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that Peugeot Scooters has agreed to support them in this adventure, giving them two Django 125cc: the neo retro model of the manufacturer, directly inspired by the S57.
Django Adventure, the remake, 60 years later In 1956, two French soldiers, Serge Gracium and Michel Vaslin, drive more than 17,000 kilometers from Paris to Saigon, riding the famous Peugeot S57.

Respectively from Angers and Le Mans, 22 years both, they end their campaign of stay in Indochina and design the project to return to France on their own, riding their scooters to discover countries and people. This surprising adventure inspired Samuel Felice and Ambroise Prince.  These two friends, directors, cameramen and editors, have fed a desire for adventure for a long time. « We always wanted to do a road trip and thanks to research we came across this amazing story realized exactly 60 years ago. It immediately echoes our desire for adventure: what could be more exciting than covering a part of the world on a scooter?  Two-wheel is a great way to make a road-trip off the beaten path, meeting people and beautiful scenery. Django Adventure is finally a great tribute to the raid for its 60 years birthday, and a great opportunity to realize our dream », declared the two adventurers.

The pair consolidates its proposal and is approaching Peugeot Scooters last January, in order that the manufacturer supports them in realizing this colossal project. Happy and proud to bring life back to this unexpected adventure, the brand, well surrounded by loyal partners,  help design the journey and secure the travel of the two riders. « Of all the projects we receive, this one seems crazy! However, fact that Ambroise and Samuel wish to echo a legendary road trip where two Peugeot scooters were used 60 years ago attracted us. We extensively exchanged with them on their project, which seemed solid and feasible. Their enthusiasm and persuasiveness did the rest! We provide them with two Django scooters (125 cc), our technical capabilities and have brought together our partners Total, Planet Ride, TomTom, April Moto and Dainese to support this great initiative», declares Stefano Grasselli, Head of Brand Strategy at Peugeot Scooters.
 12,000 kilometers, fifty cities, and thousands of shared memories
Together, two friends promise, in addition to realize their dream, to live an extraordinary adventure among the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Indeed, it is not less than 12,000 km they are about to go, crossing over a dozen different countries. Thus, to achieve Vietnam from France, they will cross Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, India, Burma, Thailand and ... Laos, before finally reaching Ho Chi Minh City. Equivalent of fifty cities discovered thanks to Django!

Django, neo retro model of Peugeot Scooters, perfectly celebrates the long history of Peugeot on two wheel universe. Its style, its design, including a distribution of colors which belongs to the historical knowledge of the brand, combined with technological innovation make Django a unique model within its market. For the road trip, the two models in the 125cc class have been specially prepared with more appropriate wheels for long distance and a work on the sealing of the dashboard.
A connected adventure
Throughout the journey, the two friends will feed a virtual diary to share their incredible adventure with the greatest number. Thanks to a dedicated blog and accounts on major social platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat) they will publish photos, videos and exclusive content, to make us live the enthusiasm of the road trip. Enough to help the imagination of future adventurers!
A report that already looks exciting, as the two adventurers, aged 24 and 28, have an almost symbiotic relationship with the image. Editors and broadcast cameramen in their professional life, they will know to honor the exceptional panoramas they are about to cross.
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